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​​Ron Russell, Melissa Friedman, Zak Berkman, James Wallert, Teri Lamm, Craig Rovere, and Shaheen Vaaz co-founded Epic Theatre Ensemble (then “Epic Theatre Center”) in 2001 with the assistance and guidance of numerous colleagues and friends. This collective of theatre makers and Teaching Artists steered the company during its initial years and established a new kind of artist-run theatre that built human bridges between school classrooms, professional stages, and civic centers. This integration of youth development, Citizen-Artist training, and the production of new and classic political plays reached its first apex in 2005 with the co-founding of the Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts occurring at the same time as the premiere and commercial transfer of the multi-award winning No Child… by Nilaja Sun.

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​Epic’s mission is to create bold work with and for diverse communities that promotes vital discourse and social change. ​
​We accomplish this mission by
1.Inspiring students to be creative and engaged citizens
2.Presenting compelling topics that transform the way people think

​3.Collaborating with artists, students and thought leaders to produce plays about key issues