Determining Grades

At BHSWCA, our policy, is to design a pacing calendar with course content that reflects a trimester of assessments culminating in a grade each December, March and June.  Teachers receive a grade report from each term to review and submit grade changes for any student(s) who has shown satisfactory growth in a given course. On the grade report, a teacher should just circle the grade that is to be changed (for each student) and write in the new grade. The teacher should then sign the bottom of that sheet and submit to Theresa Wyre’s attention.


Valid Grades                                                                         

Passing Grades:            A+                                                       (97-100)

                                    A                                                         (93-96)

                                    A-                                                        (90-92)

                                    B                                                         (80-89)

                                    C                                                         (70-79)

                                    D (Lowest Passing Grade) ***                   (65-69)


                                                                 Other Grades     

P /F     Pass\Fail (advisory and service grades only)

40        No credit given because student reported less than 50 % of the term

1          New Admit – Not in attendance for most of the term – attended  another school 

9          Medically Excused

11        No Credit (Chancellor’s Regulation #A-225 – “Where the teacher is unable to make an
          evaluation to determine an academic grade solely because of a student’s absence
          for a good cause.                                       


*Please note that grades are given in increments of 5 from 65-90. Grades can be reported in increments of 1 for 90-100.



We have a uniform grading policy. Everyone must adhere to this or request and receive written approval to divert from the agreed upon formula.


It is 35% for tests, 30% for projects, 15% for homework, and 20% for classwork.


We divide each term into two marking periods, each worth 50% of the grade.

Grading Policy

Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts