Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts

2014-2015 Graduation Requirements and Diplomas

NY State Diplomas. To earn a Regents diploma, students need to earn a total 44 credits prior to

graduation and pass a minimum of 5 Regent exams with a 65 or higher.

SubjectNumber of Credits Needed to be Earned
Required Regents
English8 creditsELA
Social Studies8 credits (including 4 credits of Global History, 2 credits in U.S. History, 1 credit in Participation in Gov't, & 1 credit in Economics)U.S. History and Global History
Math6 creditsIntegrated Algebra
Science6 credits (including one 2 credit course in Life Sciences, one 2 credit course in Physical Science, & a third 2 credit course in either Life or Physical Sciences) ; Also 1,200 minutes of lab timeScience
Foreign Language2 credits
Health Education1 credit
Physical Education4 credits
Visual Arts, Music, Dance and/or Theater2 credits
7 credits

Special Education

 BHSWCA  provides  a  variety  of  supportive  services  for  students  who  have  been determined  eligible  for special  education  according  to  state  and  Federal  regulations. Mr. Bermudez  serves as the Special Education Coordinator.  However, there are lead special education teachers for each cohort. Mr. Lo services the 9th grade, Mr. Escribano services the 10th grade, Mr. Ndikumana services the 11th grade and Ms. Ifafore services the  12th  grade.  Ms.  Wyre  can  also  be  contacted  with  all  special  education-related questions. For more information regarding the rights of all parents with regard to special education  in  the  New  York  City  Department  of  Education,  please  see  the  Parent’s Rights Letter at:

Promotion Criteria

9 to 1010
10 to 11


(including 4 History

​& 4 English)

11 to 1230