Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts



There are a wide variety of sports available on the campus in which students may participate. Students from any of the six schools on our campus may try out for teams, providing that they are in good academic standing. The team directory is as follows.



TEAM                                            HEAD COACH                                      ROOM

Baseball Boys Varsity                                    John White                                         316

Basketball Boys Jr. Varsity                           Jeff Wilder                                       Gym-162/164

Basketball Boys Varsity                               David Fonfa                                     Gym-162/164

Basketball Girls Varsity                              James Braswell                                  Gym-162/164

Cross Country Boys Varsity                       Kenneth Sachar                                   The Track

Cross Country Girls Varsity                        Albert Wallen                                      The Track

Football Boys Jr. Varsity                           Geoffrey Azzari                                        Field

Football Boys Varsity                                 Joseph Lewis                                          Field

Indoor Track Boys Varsity                         Kenneth Sachar                                    The Track

Indoor Track Girls Varsity                            Albert Wallen                                      The Track

Outdoor Track Boys Varsity                       Kenneth Sachar                                   The Track

Outdoor Track Girls Varsity                         Albert Wallen                                      The Track

Soccer Boys Varsity                                      Mike Glass                                          Field

Softball Girls Varsity                                 Andrew Nugent                                      224/211

Swimming Boys Varsity                           Tomasz Walencik                                   Pool/Field

Volleyball Girls Varsity                              Robbie Kotel                                      Gym-162-164