Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts

The Wellness Team

Parents  should  always  feel  free  to  contact  the  guidance  counselors,  Ms.  Acevedo  or Ms.  Williams, via  e-mail  or  phone  concerning  academic,  social,  or  emotional  issues related  to  their  child.  The  counselors  are  available  throughout  the  week  from  8:00AM until 3:15PM. Please be advised that if you do not have an appointment you may have to wait before you see the counselor.   

Students  who  would  like  to  speak  with  a  member  of  the  Wellness  Team  during  the school day need to obtain a signed Counseling Pass from their teacher or other faculty member  or  schedule  an  appointment  to  meet  with  a  member  of  the  Wellness  Team during lunch or before or after school.   

Parents  and  students  can  obtain  referrals  to  mental  health,  medical,  and  academic support programs through community-based organizations from the Wellness Team.


The Wellness Team Mission and Vision

The mission of the Wellness Team is to provide academic and social/emotional support in order to empower students to become college ready, productive citizens and life-long learners. We encourage students to develop relationships that are healthy and promote learning.We pledge to close the achievement gap through equity and access to a rigorous curriculum and a safe environment. Our goal is to collaborate with all stakeholders involved in the education of children to support the growth of the whole child.