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Student Handbook

Student Class Contract


1.     MATERIALS:   I will l always be prepared with the following equipment: 2 pens…..2 pencils, a binder with loose-leaves or a notebook.  I understand that being unprepared can reduce my grade. 

2.     ATTENDANCE:  I will not miss class unless it is unavoidable.  I will bring an absence note to be kept on file, copy the notes, and make-up homework every time I am absent.  I am aware that make-up exams will not be credited unless accompanied by a note from a parent/guardian.  The State Education Department regulations require a minimum amount of instructional time. If I am absent more than 3 times in a trimester (unexcused), I may not receive credit for the class. 

3.    CUTTING:  I understand that I am required to attend all classes on my program card/ schedule.  If I do not “cut” a class for an entire trimester I will receive 5 points extra on my final grade.  Losing 1 point off my final grade will penalize me for each time I “cut”.  I will be given the opportunity to “work-off” each cut by doing extra work, determined by my subject teacher and done in a timely manner.  I understand habitual cutting will result in a notation on the report card, phone calls home, pre-suspension hearing with my parents or even suspension for 5 days. 

4.     LATENESS:  I understand that I am required to be in class and ready to work before the late bell rings 3 minutes after the hour. I must sign the Late Log whenever I come to class later than 5 minutes.  If I come to class with a written pass, this will be noted in the Late Log.  Lateness after 5 minutes without a written explanation will result in a 1-point reduction of my final grade.  I will be given a timely opportunity to “work-off” each lateness by doing extra work, determined by my subject teacher and done in a timely manner.  Habitual lateness will result in a notation on the report card, phone calls home, or a conference with my parents.  If I am not late for an entire trimester I may receive 5 extra points on my final exam.

5.     STARTING CLASS:  When I arrive to class I will:

          1.     Begin copying the homework assignment, Aim, and Do Now from the board.
          2.     I will put the homework on the board if assigned to do so. 

6.     NOTEBOOKS:  I will keep my notes in a separate loose-leaf section in an orderly manner with each lesson dated and numbered.  I will put any information written on the board in my notebook.  I understand that notes may be checked and graded at any time. 

7.     HOMEWORK:  I will do homework every day.  I understand that it will be checked every day and will be an important part of my grade.  I will keep homework in a separate loose-leaf section.  Homework will be dated and numbered.  I will make up all homework that I will miss.  I will correct any mistakes in my homework.  Failure to do homework will reduce my grade.  

8.     CLASS PARTICIPATION:  I will behave properly in class at all times and take part in the lesson.  I know that disruptive behavior reduces the time the teacher has to help me and my classmates understand the lesson.

9.      TESTS: I understand that I will have approximately two tests per marking period plus frequent quizzes.  The questions will include Regents-type questions.  If I pay attention in class, do my homework, and study at home, I will pass all exams.

10.   MID-TERM PROJECTS:  I understand that if I have a Mid-Term project instead of the Mid-Term Exam that this project must be completed prior to the end of the second marking period.

11.    GRADING POLICY:   Your report card is based on the following standards:
           * Marking Periods Weights:                        MP1             MP2                                                                   
                                                                            50%             50%                                                                                                      Grade Calculation:


​          Project-30%



* Report Card Grades

                   o  Passing:  65, 70, 75, 80, and  increment of 1 from  85-100
                   o  Failing: 55 students might be entitled to credit recovery, and 40, truant, must repeat the entire course.