About Us

BHSWCA students are readers, writers, poets, artists, activists, and dreamers.  We use our voices to explore our world and know ourselves.  We can't wait for you to bring your voice to our community!
For more information about joining our community, please contact our 9th and 10th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Williams at pwilliams10@schools.nyc.gov

Program Highlights

  1. 1:1 iPad technology
  2. Epic Theatre Ensemble partnership for in-class projects and after-school theatre programming
  3. DC-TV partnership for film-making
  4. Community Word Project partnership for poetry and murals
  5. Advanced Placement classes available include Environmental Science, US History, ELA Language and Composition, ELA Literature, and AP Spanish.
  6. College Now partnership with Lehman College
  7. PSAL sports include football, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, and others!
  8. Student leadership opportunities include student council, SLT, peer-leadership, senior council, student internships, in-school service opportunities, and others!
  9. Variety of extra curricular activities including art society, anime club, creative writing, dance, film, theatre, game café
  10. Graduation Rate projected to be about 75% this school year for the Class of 2020.
  11. College and Career Readiness, Advisory, and Mental Health and Wellness courses for all students.
  12. Montefiore health center on site
  13. Free after school tutoring through partnership with BMCC and free tuition scholarships to private college through Monroe College