Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

The administrators, teachers, and staff of the Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts (BHSWCA) pledge to create a community of life-long learners, readers, and writers who use the written word as our vehicle to explore our world and know themselves.

Vision Statement:

Our school is a small community of lifelong learners, readers, and writers. Using the written word as a vehicle, students explore their world and learn to know themselves. They write across all content areas in order to master concepts and demonstrate understanding. We offer a college preparatory program and provide opportunities for creative writing, advanced study, and opportunities in the fields of theater and communications. Students produce a variety of school publications to demonstrate and celebrate learning. We expect all of our students to graduate with a New York State Regents-endorsed diploma within four years and be prepared for college or to enter the workforce.

Establishing a community of young people who grow into concerned, committed, and productive citizens is another major goal of our small school. We encourage students to use various forms of communication to participate in the democratic process and community development. Parents are seen as full partners in community participation and all school activities.