Advisory/Academic Support

I need help with...

Who can I go to?


I am going to be out of school for a long period because of a family situation. How can I get all of my work done?  Who do I notify? 

School Counselor


Subject Teachers

Mrs. Fields in Room 242


Why did I need this subject? The subject is too difficult and I want to get into a different class. 


School Counselor

Career Information 

I don't know what I want to be. I want information on preparing for a career. 

School Counselor

College Advisor

Advisor Administrators

Drugs and Alcohol 

I saw something in a movie or on television and I have questions about what I saw.  I have friends who are making bad choices, what do I do? 


School Counselor

Early Excuse From School 

I have written permission from my parents to leave school early because of an emergency.  What should I do? 

School Counselor

Ms. Jackson in Room 242


I know that my friends are getting me in trouble. How do I say “No” to them? 


School Counselor

Getting Involved 

How do I find out about opportunities both inside and outside of school that I can get involved in? 


School Counselor

Health Issues 

I have a question about my health. Where can I go? 


Montefiore Clinic

School Counselor


I can't do the homework... It's too difficult! I missed several homework assignments.  Can I make it up? 


Subject Teachers 


I feel sick. I would like to go home

Ask the classroom teacher for a pass to see your guidance counselor


Where can I go for a part-time or summer job? 

School Counselor

Lost Property 

I lost my wallet, sneakers, umbrella, etc. 

Staff Member in 

Room 242

Personal Concerns 

Where do I go for help with school, neighbors, home, or if I’m not getting along with my teacher? 

School Counselor



Where can I get help in planning and selecting the right courses or in changing my program? 

School Counselor

Special Education and 504 Accommodations 

I don’t have an IEP but used to get extra time on my tests, what do I do?  I had a 504 at my old school, how can I get one at BHSWCA? 

School Counselor

Ms. Cervera


Mrs. Wyre in Room 242

Technology Issues

My iPad is cracked or not working, or I never received one.  How can I get a replacement?

Mr. Ellis

CUNY Tech Intern

Train or Bus Pass 

Where do I go to get one? 


in Room 242 

Working Papers 

Am I eligible for working papers?  How can I get them? 

Ms. Fields in Room 242